Terran Orbital Corporation Soars to New Heights with 10 Satellite Deployment

Terran Orbital Corporation (NYSE: LLAP) Soars to New Heights with 10 Satellite Deployment

Terran Orbital Corporation (NYSE: LLAP) has accomplished something truly remarkable. The company, renowned for its satellite product manufacturing, primarily serving the aerospace and defense sectors, has proudly announced the successful deployment of ten satellites into low Earth orbit. This remarkable feat was accomplished during a launch on September 2, 2023, at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

These ten satellites play a crucial role as part of the Tranche 0 Transport Layer of the Space Development Agency's (SDA) Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture (PWSA). Terran Orbital Corporation manufactured the buses for Lockheed Martin, which were used for payload integration and delivery to the SDA.

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Marc Bell, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Terran Orbital Corporation, expressed his pride in contributing to this essential mission, stating, "It is a great honor to contribute to this important mission by delivering our 10 satellite buses to Lockheed Martin. We are thankful to Lockheed Martin for their collaboration and the opportunity to leverage our small satellite solution expertise and to support their missions."

Terran Orbital Corporation's involvement in the production of satellite buses for Lockheed Martin extends beyond this mission. Currently, the company is working on producing 42 satellite buses for Lockheed Martin, which will be used for the delivery of 42 Tranche 1 Transport Layer satellites for the SDA. These 42 satellites, scheduled for launch in 2024, will possess a range of capabilities, including optical communications links, Link-16 mission communications, a Ka-band RF communications payload, and a BMC3 module that enables on-orbit data processing. These advanced features are designed to support missions for global warfighters.

Terran Orbital Corporation stands as a leading manufacturer of satellite products, primarily catering to the aerospace and defense sectors. The company offers comprehensive satellite solutions, encompassing satellite design, production, launch planning, mission operations, and on-orbit support. This holistic approach allows Terran Orbital Corporation to meet the diverse needs of military, civil, and commercial customers, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of satellite technology.

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