Workday, Inc. (Nasdaq: WDAY) Enhances Workplace Productivity with New Generative AI Capabilities

Workday, Inc. (Nasdaq: WDAY), a prominent enterprise cloud applications provider specializing in finance and human resources, is unveiling a range of innovative generative AI capabilities designed to elevate work performance, talent management, operational efficiency, and decision-making. These enhancements are being showcased at Workday Rising, the company's annual customer conference, and are aimed at benefiting all users, from finance and HR teams to individual employees.

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Workday, Inc. (Nasdaq: WDAY's generative AI approach stands out due to its robust platform strategy, vast dataset, and commitment to delivering reliable solutions that highlight the synergy between humans and machines. AI and ML are seamlessly integrated into the core of the Workday platform, enabling rapid deployment of cutting-edge solutions across all applications. With over 625 billion transactions processed annually, Workday possesses the world's largest and cleanest dataset of financial and HR data, which ensures the generation of precise, meaningful, and dependable results.

Sayan Chakraborty, co-president of Workday, believes that generative AI has the potential to revolutionize work processes when applied responsibly. It can enhance performance and free up time for more valuable tasks. At Workday, the focus is on developing enterprise-grade capabilities that are secure, transparent, and user-centric. Chakraborty adds, "Workday, our customers, and their employees are writing the playbook for how the future works together."

Here are some ways businesses can leverage Workday, Inc. (Nasdaq: WDAY)'s new generative AI capabilities:

Efficient Job Description Creation: Workday users create around 30 million job descriptions annually, consuming one to two hours each time. Workday's AI capability can generate job descriptions within minutes by utilizing existing data, such as required skills and job location, stored in the Workday system. This saves time for hiring managers and recruiters, allowing them to focus on finding the best candidates.

Contract Analysis for Accurate Revenue Recognition: Sales teams negotiate contracts, and finance teams ensure accurate billing and revenue recognition. With Workday's contract analysis generative AI, signed contracts can be swiftly compared against Workday Financial Management and CRM data, highlighting any discrepancies and suggesting corrections. This eliminates downstream accounting errors and saves significant time.

Personalized Knowledge Management Articles: Creating content to keep employees informed can be time-consuming. Workday's AI capabilities enable content creators to draft personalized articles with ease. This includes talking points for managers or key takeaways from company videos. Authors can improve the tone, length, or translate articles for global workforces, saving time and effort.

Streamlining Collections: Finance teams can automate the creation of past-due notices with AI's help, considering factors like customer lateness and payment history. Workday's AI can also automate bulk letters, including past invoices, increasing collections efficiency.

Accelerated App Development: Workday Extend empowers customers to build custom apps within Workday. Developer Copilot, a human-machine teaming capability, leverages generative AI to support the entire development process. It offers text-to-code generation, enhancing developer productivity and reducing time-to-value.

Employee Growth Plans: Managers can create personalized summaries of employees' strengths and growth areas, drawing from Workday's rich database. This empowers managers and employees by offering personalized career check-ins.

Efficient Service Procurement: Organizations can streamline the creation and refinement of statement of work (SOW) clauses with Workday's generative AI. It suggests relevant clauses based on project type, location, and deliverables, reducing time and effort.

Enhanced User Experience: Workday is exploring conversational UI and generative AI to improve user interactions. This includes natural language processing, summarization, search capabilities, and context maintenance.

These generative AI features are expected to roll out to customers over the next 6 to 12 months, adding to Workday's extensive portfolio of AI and ML features. Workday is committed to optimizing human-machine collaboration while providing transparent and trustworthy AI solutions.

Workday, Inc. (Nasdaq: WDAY) is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, helping organizations adapt and excel in a changing world. With AI and machine learning at its core, Workday offers applications for financial management, human resources, planning, spend management, and analytics. Over 10,000 organizations worldwide, ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies, use Workday to navigate the future of work.


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